Case Study: The Salary Packager

1,000 quotes per month. This client is an established salary packaging organisation with inhouse software that meets their salary packaging requirements.

This client needed a vehicle quoting piece for their packaging consultations. Although very skilled in the IT area, developing the required vehicle quoting expertise was not economic.

Catch-e has provided a web service to this client to patch in the vehicle quoting and benefit calculations required to complete their existing web-based salary packaging calculations.

salary packaging diagram

Client references are available on request.

system configuration
Each one of our clients uses Catch-e differently to suit their own business model and requirements.

These case studies reflect a cross-section of actual clients and how they have configured Catch-e to suit their needs.

From set-up and implementation through to ongoing support, Catch-e clients enjoy fleet software that is scalable and can integrate seamlessly with other business applications. Catch-e grows as you grow.