Catch-e is affordable cloud hosted software rich in functionality

Once the domain of large fleet management companies, now made affordable by Catch-e. We'll develop whatever you need to be competitive. And if it leads to an improvement in the overall performance of the product, we'll develop it at no cost to you.
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software services
Cloud Based
Cloud Based

Catch-e is accessible from virtually any connected device allowing for more flexible employee work practices. It also reduces the cost of managing and maintaining your own IT system.

Data Security
Data Security

Our software is fully hosted with daily backups and DRP routines in place to keep client databases secure. For extra piece of mind daily backups to client servers can also be implemented .

Cost Efficient
Cost Efficient

For clients with a very small volume of vehicles, we charge a minimum monthly fee. Changing to a cost per vehicle per month as you grow. There are no hidden fees or hardware costs.

Easily Scalable
Easily Scalable

Catch-e clients range in size from 30 to 10,000+ vehicles. Our software can cater for all kinds of fleets. It has the advantage of being able to adapt to the changing needs of our clients.

Fully Integrating
Fully Integrating

We have developed an extensive range of interfaces for industry standard applications. In addition we regularly develop interfaces and web services to meet our clients particular needs.

Software Support
Software Support

We offer our clients a high level of software support services. Catch-e staff have a wealth of experience in fleet management and in industry specific software development solutions.

ATO approved software
ATO Registered Software

Catch-e is registered with the ATO as FBT compliant for car benefits.

What is Software as a Service?

SaaS is any web application hosted as a service provided to customers across the Internet. It eliminates the need to install and run the application on your own computer and can reduce the up-front expense of purchasing software.

SaaS benefits
What are the benefits of SaaS?

The advantages of SaaS are becoming well known and are achieved by reducing implementation, hardware, data centre, licensing and people related costs compared to traditional IT systems.

software upgrades
No upgrade costs

Ongoing system upgrades are included with regular coaching about new features. The system is also made available to unlimited users at no additional cost. Our developers use the Agile Software Development framework. We can deploy new incremental features within weeks, not months. The benefits are enormous.

open source
Open source software

Catch-e, like many of today's leading internet sites, is built on an open source infrastructure for proven reliability, scalability, and open standards. Open source being in the public domain, offers freedom from vendor lock-in, obsoleteness, and licensing costs thereby reducing risk and allowing Catch-e to provide a lower cost service.

Web based Work

Catch-e staff use web applications in their daily work and really understand what's required for an effective web-based system. We work hard at keeping Catch-e user friendly for our customers with low refresh rates and clean screens.