Catch-e has been built from the ground up evolving into the best cloud hosted fleet software around today

From set-up and implementation through to ongoing support, Catch-e clients enjoy fleet software that is scalable and can integrate seamlessly with other business applications.

Set up and Admin

Product set-up

Define the business rules that are required in your business and create any number of products to suit your purposes.

Provide log-in access

A 'Fleet Manager' or 'Group Manager' can in turn provide login access to their 'Drivers'.

Drivers can only see their own Novated vehicles and can create selected transactions such as an Odometer entry for their vehicle.

Implementation & theming

Implementation services can include reasonable system enhancements, data cleansing and training as required. Each of our clients is given their own database for security and customisation. The style and logos of the system are themed as per your corporate image. A project plan is set-up for implementing the system and timeframes and tasks are developed with the client.



Create quotes

You can create requests for quotes using up to date electronic vehicle data (e.g. RedBook, Glasses etc.) already downloaded to your system.

Dealer pricing requests

Dealer pricing requests can be completed via email using Excel html. The dealer fills in the email form and returns for you to complete quote.

Email quotes

Create final quotes and email directly to your client.

Interface with financiers

Using a web service you can interface with any financier such as MacLease for faster credit processing and approvals.

Convert quotes

When your quote is accepted it can be automatically converted to Orders and Contracts.



Record vehicle data

Comprehensive information records are stored for each vehicle. You can enter data in over 150 fields with unlimited transactions per vehicle.

Assign vehicles

Vehicles can be attached to individual drivers, cost centres and divisions for reporting.


Create the Event types you need and use them to record activities for contracts, clients and drivers. Events can trigger pre-defined emails and letters and can store supporting documents. For example if an infringement is received Infringements (attach and email the infringement)

For clients and drivers, events can also trigger follow-up actions linked to the KPI home page.



Third party imports

All transactions for third party goods and services can be imported via manual or scheduled processes. Fuel and e-tag transactions are passed through an 'import, validate, amend & post' process. Odometer reading tolerance percentages can be changed for your organisation.


The authorisations screen enables users to issue order numbers for servicing, accident management and driver reimbursements. Driver reimbursements can be paid via a BECS interface.

Registration & CTP renewals

Registrations can be manually entered and performs various validations to ensure entries are correct.

FBT entries

All users (including Fleet Mangers and Drivers) can enter odometer readings into Catch-e. Internal staff can manually enter or perform data imports of other FBT transactions. Fleet Managers and/or Drivers can enter Days out of Use and Contributions if desired.

Audit Trail

All transactions have an audit transaction recorded. This supports data review, workflow and exception reporting.



Fleet management reporting

Novated Drivers are well catered for with detailed 'Novated Driver' reports and a variety of reports have been developed to support the FBT end of year process and to cater for and optimise Statutory and Operating methods.

Salary package reporting

Report on salary packaging items and transactions including non vehicle items.

Mail Queue

Send invoices and reports in bulk via batched emails to clients and drivers.


Set and forget queries and exception reports with a powerful scheduling tool that will email or output to destinations periodically as specified.


Catch-e System delivery

All you need is the internet

As Catch-e is software as a service (SAAS) our clients only need an Internet connection and a web browser to access and manage the system.

Efficiencies of SAAS
  • Accessible 24x7 from any internet connection
  • Ongoing system upgrades are included
  • Unlimited users at no additional cost
  • Fully hosted and supported
  • 99% uptime
  • Simple implementation
  • Low operating costs
Security features
  • Daily remote data backups
  • Disaster recovery via secondary hosting providers
  • SSL encrypted security of data
  • Single database per client

Performance of the system is monitored continuously. The system e-mails exceptions and performance issues to our support area automatically. As the system is fully hosted Catch-e can monitor and take remedial action for clients immediately. System downtime is recorded, with the system achieving in excess of 99.9% uptime over the last 12 month period.


Catch-e Services

Fully hosted fleet leasing

Catch-e offers a fully hosted web based fleet leasing system tailored to your requirements.

Web Calculators

Catch-e can provide web calculators that can display Financing, Novating and Packaging information.

These are designed to launch off your website and match your site branding for a seamless, professional presentation.

Systems Integration

Catch-e can integrate with other systems using a variety of methods. The preferred method is via web services to create a seamless and timely interface. Catch-e exports transactions (daily or more frequently if required) directly to accounting systems.

Catch-e has significant experience with integration with accounting systems ranging from small business MYOB type solutions to large scale SAP type systems.